Celebrating birthdays might not be as important to adults as it is to children, but deep down, everyone just wants to have some fun on that special day regardless of age. Going for something more unconventional ideas when it comes to a birthday party is a great way to escape the daily routine and spice up the everyday life of both you and your friends.

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Golden mile

If you are young, daring, allowed to drink and your friends are as keen as you on spending an unforgettable day visiting the string of different pubs, attempting a golden mile might just be the break from regular birthday parties you are looking for. Movie The World’s End features main characters who visit 12 different pubs where they drink a pint of beer at each pub but this is your day so you can adjust it to your own needs.

Basically, you do not have to drink beer or alcohol for that matter. Still, checking out different pubs, mapping your progress and having fun with your closest friends can prove to be one of the best birthday moments you will always remember.

Movie night

You might feel like you are completely over the birthday party hassle but this is no reason not to organize a nice and peaceful evening at home with some good food and great movies for you and your closest friends. Actually, these types of gatherings can turn out to be even more enjoyable then going out or throwing a big party. Pick your favorite movies to watch and if you are unsure what movies to choose, “Cornetto trilogy” that includes Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and above mentioned The World’s End is a great start.

Nature getaway

For a fresh start in your new year of life pick a fresh environment. Booking a cabin in nature or going camping is a rewarding option for those who always seek the calmness of greenery for some effective stress relief. You and your friends can make a real adventure out of this trip and start out with hiking or mountain bike ride. Of course, travelling by car or bus has its benefits considering the greater amount of stuff you can bring with you, but the result will be the same – celebrating this special occasion surrounded with woods, fresh air and good company.

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A gaming tournament

It does not matter whether you like gaming on consoles, visiting various gaming centers or some good old-fashioned board gaming since you can make any kind of this fun pastime your main birthday party theme. You can surprise your friends with the latest game, take them bowling or enjoy a calm night at your place or a pub with a session of monopoly – the choice is yours. With tasty snacks and nice refreshing drinks you can forget about all troubling responsibilities and completely immerse yourself in joys of playing games for that whole day.

Fascinating locations

This might not be especially attractive to adults but children will simply love the change of pace for their birthday when it comes to choosing some interesting locations. Museums, botanical gardens, parks, sports stadiums, science laboratories, etc. can all become a place where kids can express their interests to the fullest and have a blast on their birthday. It is important to ask for permission in time though and contact kids party entertainers in time so that they can dress up accordingly for the selected theme and location and therefore perfectly contribute to this day of fun and games for the birthday boys and girls.

Your birthday comes only once a year so why not make it as special as possible? Forget about pressure and what is expected of you but follow your own wishes and ideas in order to make this day the best day of the year every year!


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