Alleviate Anxiety by Using Reliable Practice Tests to Pass Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam

Alleviate Anxiety
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Alleviate Anxiety by Using Reliable Practice Tests to Pass Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam

Has it ever occurred to you that complacence can be a career killer? So too can other factors such as failure to embrace modern technologies silently hinder your professionalgrowth.

This only goes to show how difficult it is to plan a career in IT. The worst part is, most of these tech pitfalls are never obvious.

With this in mind, acquiring new skills that will help you solidify your position in the field is always compelling. 

To help you differentiate the right from wrong and know how you can start a career as a database administrator, we put together this detailed guide to the MCSA 70-461 exam and some helpful preparation options. 

Read on to find out how you can navigate your career to avoid the likely traps that could be standing on your way to success.

Overview of MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 Credential

Microsoft MCSA Microsofts Questions SQL Server 2012/2014 certification confirms that a candidate can successfully work with the latest set of data-centric environments to deliver critical business value to their organizations. 

This means that completing your training in SQL Server 2012/2014 also qualifies you for a role as a database administrator or a database analyst. To earn this credential, you should prepare to face 3 tests: Microsoft 70-461, 70-462, and 70-463. This article covers all you need to know about the first assessment 70-461.

What to Know about Microsoft 70-461 Exam?

Microsoft 70-461 is a test that will move you a step closer to the MCSA credential in SQLServer 2012/2014. Sitting for it, you’ll be checked on the knowledge and skills in querying this type of server.

Like the other Microsoft exams, candidates can schedule their 70-461 through Pearson VUE, which is Microsoft’s long-time exam testing partner. The fee can usually vary depending on your location and other logistic factors but still, you should expect to pay $165 on average for every single attempt.

The passing score for this test is 700, with the candidates having to attempt a total of 40-60 questions within a period of 120 minutes. The number is quite big so its impractical to know everything that’s covered by the exam. Microsoft helps you to know these 70-461 objectives, they are the following:

  • Modifying Data(20-25%)
  • Working with Data(25-30%)
  • Troubleshooting and Optimizing(25-30%)
  • Creating Database Projects(20-25%)

Are You Qualified for Microsoft 70-461 Exam?

Usually, the Microsoft 70-461 exam candidates are developers, system engineers, and SQL Server Database administrators with previous work experience of at least2 years. These individuals are ready to update their skills regarding query writing as well as to learn some technological innovations. If now you have another IT job position and want to change your career direction bypassing 70-461 test, let’s see what are the mentioned roles all about.

What Roles Will You Play in an IT Department?

1.IT Developer

IT Developers are best known to support and develop custom software to increase business efficiency. Their roles have evolved over the years and today, they can also provide useful solutions pertaining to communication, integration, virtualization, and software implementation

2.Systems Engineering

Systems engineers are highly demanded in the modern-day IT-sphere due to the key role they play in managing an organization’s computer systems. These are the professionals who monitor, maintain, and manage the infrastructure and systems including infrastructure availability.

3.Database Administrators

Databaseadministratorsperform a lot of operations behind the scenes to ensure the computer systems are up and running. To sum it up, these specialists are today’s IT nerds that should take credit for most of the things data-centric.

How Should You Study for Your Microsoft 70-461 Exam?

To perform well in any of those positions, you should pay high attention to your exam studies. It means that you should not only prepare to answer the questions on the test but also to be able to manage real-life IT issues. Let’s see what tips and resources will help you on this path.

1.Formulate a plan

Many students start their preparation without first understanding of what and when to learn and this is where they all go wrong. It’s important to first come up with a well-designed plan that’s focused on your entire training journey right from the time you begin your preparation until you get certified. It should include all the objectives, learning schedule, a list of resources you’re going to use, and other details you’ll need during your prep to keep them all at hand.

2.Prioritize reliable resources

Varioussitesclaim to offer study materials for your certification exam prep but it’s important to use only dependable ones. If you can’t sieve through the available sources to find the best of them, a few options to start you off include Microsoft, Amazon, YouTube, and ExamSnap websites.

3.Use vendor-provided training materials

Microsoft gains lots of plaudits, not only for its tech solutions and comprehensive certifications but also for its commitment to the exam prep materials. Lots of past candidates have aced their test 70-461 using the recommended training course20461 that can be taken from the Microsoft website. The other important training options you can consider include self-paced training, the official practice test, revision book, and the Microsoft community. 

To Use or Not to Use Practice Tests: What Do the Experts Say?

It’s always difficult to understand what you really don’t know if you lack the right training materials. And this is where mock tests come in handy. IT experts agree that using these resources is one of the best ways to identify the gaps between what you actually know and what the exam may test.

Get a stellar score in your MCSA 70-461 exam using free practice tests from ExamSnap. There you’ll find questions and answers from recent exams and will train with them as many times as you need. Furthermore, you can choose the verified Premium Bundle($39.97) with its premium file, training course, and a study guide. Also, download the VCE Exam Simulator to create, edit, and attempt different tasks in the environment that simulates the actual exam. Confidence is great, and as you prepare with these materials, you’ll reduce anxiety by having both theoretical and practical skills.


Increasing your chances to build a successful IT career often includes obtaining a proper certification. With the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 badge from Microsoft, you’ll become a sought-after professional with up-to-date skills which will help you in becoming employed or promoted. Plan your career today by acing70-461 exam using reliable practice tests and you will ultimately get there.

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