Have you ever noticed seeing a specific series of numbers time and again? Did you choose to ignore or got curious to know about recurrence of such series? like Angel Number 844.

Well, whether you are a believer of the powers of universe and its angels, we all have met or known people who believe in numbers and more than that they believe in ‘Angel Numbers’. One of such numbers is ‘Angel Number 844’! Have you seen this quite often? Well, I’m sure this is going to be worth a read.

why seeing 844 numbers

Angel Number 844 – Signs of Honesty and Integrity from Angels
Angel Number 844 – Signs of Honesty and Integrity from Angels

Seeing Angel Number 844, frequently or often spiritually means a mixed message from the guardian angels to inform you on bringing more wisdom, honesty, self-confidence, responsibility correlating with your Karma in a combination of number 8 and 4 as per numerology. Who doesn’t have secrets, at times dark-secrets?  Secrets, that make us feel restlessness because it is just us who know these. 

Well, to find contentment and peace at your heart, mind and soul. It thus becomes crucial for us to practice wisdom and honesty more practically than just saying.

I’m not ashamed of admitting that I have never been a believer of such angelic signs, while this one is from an experience, I had last year. Hey! Don’t judge me though as I was raised in a family of doctors and nurses who believed in science and logics.

Apparently, my thoughts came crashing just last year.

It was about, when my brother was about to get married and off course we thought of a bigger house. Finding a house is a laborious task you see. 

So, the family decided to get started with house-hunting. No longer enough we found a beautiful house #844 and moved. I had seen that number earlier a few times but chose to ignore. Well this was just a beginning. 

I ordered a painting online, for my new room which arrived in about 2 days with a $50 check as I unwrapped the parcel. Ignoring my attention to the serial number of the check, I called the seller to inquire about it and he asked me to keep it as an additional discount. 

what does 844 mean

Angel Number 844 – Signs of Honesty and Integrity from Angels
Angel Number 844 – Signs of Honesty and Integrity from Angels

Wow! Who doesn’t love freebees? I folded the bill and kept it in my wallet.

One would hate to cook after moving houses, so we ordered food from a nearby restaurant for payable amount of $844 with an order number 769844. Don’t laugh! Mine is a ‘family of foodies.’ 

Well, that was more than enough to just spill-the-beans out my curiosity to Nicole, my friend, a ‘numerologist’ and she went all gaga about her knowledge about the angel number 844 on how the angels were giving me signs on not just about honesty and wisdom, but also meeting my twin flame in near future. To my surprise, she added to explain that twin flame is referred to a perfect love match or companion. Trust me! This was funny for me! And I walked back home after some more gossips with her.

The curiosity certainly added after meeting Nicole and just like everyone else, Google had to answer my questions about the signs from guardian angels

With so many thoughts on my mind, it was traumatic to feel of meeting my twin flame, on the other hand what on the earth was I supposed to be feeling content about or had to bring wisdom and honesty in my life. Not long enough I was into reading, when my brother jumped in to ask for some cash and just when I was about to give it to him, my eyes popped out to see the serial number on the only $50 bill, ‘L0155685844’. 

Angel Number 844 – Signs of Honesty and Integrity from Angels
Angel Number 844 – Signs of Honesty and Integrity from Angels

I had no choice, so gave it away to focus again on reading.

Reading all this was like bed-time stories from my childhood but I was never a fan of mythical stories, however, still believed in God as I grew up.

844 number meaning

Furthermore, I found that “Angel Number 844” was guiding me to be honest to myself & others and how the dishonesty has been killing me for long and it could continue to increase if not actioned upon.

Just like spiritual meaning of 844, the angels were giving signals of self-belief to encourage me and move in a direction to feel wholeness and spiritual contentment.

Tears rolled down my eyes thinking of a dark-secret that bothered me all this while, however, I was certainly not thinking of meeting my twin flame at this moment, as I thought, I knew my soul-mate already from a few years now.

It felt so true, as the pain of a dark-secret for all these years causing anxiety issue to me stroke my mind and how fearing of being judged on my lifestyle, kept me hesitant to complain about being molested as a teenager by a close-relative. Cliché!

Nevertheless, I was called rude and what-not for misbehaving with him in my attempts of ignoring him or visiting their family.

Slept-off crying that night and woke-up feeling restless about the self-revelation is when my brother entered to check on me and as I was about to tell him “I was fine”, thoughts from last night took over and I blurted “I am not fine; nothing has been for over 6 years.”

Sensing something wrong, he called upon the family for me to feel at comfort and give me a chance to reveal all the horrors and pain I kept to myself all these years. Thankfully, they stood by me, confronted the relative to simply stay away forever. I felt relieved and smiled to thank my guardian angels to guide me in healing my scars with honesty. About my twin flame though, we took vows to be taken forever to support and love each other for the rest of our lives. We got married!

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