The number of listings decreased five per cent compared to the previous month with 11,670 properties recorded for sale at the end of April, which is below historical numbers and indicates that the market is moving towards a period of undersupply – depending on where demand levels out.

When home open inspections were temporarily banned due to the Coronavirus restrictions, the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) recorded under 300 sales transactions per week during April compared to recording over 500 transactions per week over the same period last year.

The week ending 10 May recorded a 32.7 per cent increase in sales activity with 527 sales recorded in the Perth region compared to the previous week.

Confidence within the market is slowly beginning to recover which has been helped by home opens being reinstated with a maximum of 10 people allowed and a further maximum of 20 people allowed as of 18 May.Visit here; House renovations Perth.

Within Perth, the REIWA recorded 5420 properties for rent as of 10 May, which is a four per cent decrease in comparison to four weeks before and 23 per cent lower than this time last year.Leasing activity has increased by 31.5 per cent from the end of April to the start of May.

Until recently, agents across south-west Western  Australia were experiencing very few enquiries and were frustrated by the inability to interact with potential purchasers due to restrictions on home opens.As a result of the lack of sales transactions, it has been difficult to get any firm idea as to the effect on values.

“The easing of Coronavirus restrictions has seen a flurry of new enquiries however it is not yet back to the pre- pandemic levels,” the valuation firm said. 

houses in Perth were being discounted at an average rate of 7.85 per cent during April, compared to 11.9 per cent recorded last year.

One real estate agent reported that 60 per cent of their transactions were between one and three per cent of the original asking price.

“Many believe that Western Australia will perform stronger than other states given its stage of the property cycle before the impact of COVID-19, however many industry experts have stressed concern that the government incentives are only a short term solution and that we could be in for more pain in the long run,” the valuation firm said. 


The Coronavirus pandemic has produced very few upsides, however one positive outcome has been the increased time spent with our families, friends and loved ones, the report noted. 

The extended homestay period has brought boredom to a whole new level for some. The COVID-19 restrictions have given stir-crazy homeowners the chance to review their living spaces, with many people looking at ways to further improve their homes.

With many experts tipping the Australian property market to plummet between one to twenty percent over the coming year, renovating could look like a fine prospect to offset some of that damage for people with job security.


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