Kraft boxes have revolutionized the world with their versatile nature and multiple uses. They have brought ease to our lives by creating different types of packaging products. Although a variety of cardboard boxes are used industry-wide nowadays, still most of the businesses prefer Kraft paper boxes wholesale for several reasons. It is your choice you want to design them in natural brown color or as white boxes. They are convenient to use, eco-friendly, and made from excellent pine wood material. The packaging is 100% recyclable therefore produce no waste. Secondly, the boxes are sturdy enough to hold the product safely in it. Pine pulp plays a significant role in the manufacturing of high-quality boxes.

Dishes Are Much Safer

Kraft boxes for Food Packaging:

Kraft boxes are a perfect packaging option, especially for food items. They can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon your requirement. Most of them come up with handles to facilitate customers in carrying the food items conveniently. You might see them frequently used in bakeries for the packaging of cakes, pastries, cupcakes, macarons, donuts, and a lot more. These boxes efficiently pack the food enabling the customers to easily handling. For this reason, various restaurants and food chains have also started using them as takeaway boxes to ensure safe delivery. You may also use them to pack lunch for your kids with ease of being firm enough to carry weight. Dishes remain much safe in Kraft Box Packaging than any other low-quality packaging. They are also helpful in promoting your brand and products in the marketplace.

Dishes Are Much Safer
  • High Resistance:

Whether you use brown Kraft boxes or white boxes, the material has a good quality resistance. It is recommended by paper box manufacturers due to its extraordinary qualities. Kraft is a special material that can bear all kinds of pressure. Moreover, the packaging can add corrugated layers, giving it more strength and sturdiness. It is one of the biggest reasons why food remains safe in brown and white Kraft packaging. Moreover, it also provides good resistance against moisture/humidity, temperature changes, heat, contamination, and even shocks. In other words, these boxes of paper are very beneficial because they easily retain the quality of food inside and protect it from external damage.

Dishes Are Much Safer
  • Variety of Designs:

Food packaging is highly versatile. It consists of hundreds of designs to best suit the nature of the product. For example, there is a unique packaging solution for every different item like fast food, pizza, Chinese food, cereals, dry fruits, and even the baked items. They are made by folding a box from paper. However, when it comes to Kraft boxes and white boxes, the businesses are provided with an array of designs to package their food properly. Be playful with different shapes like square, rectangle, oval, or go for a change in a structure like sleeve boxes, gable boxes, flip-top boxes, window/die-cut boxes, or the one with flaps or handles. All these designs are perfect enough to keep your food as com. pared to other low-quality packaging alternatives.

Dishes Are Much Safer
  • Environmental Friendly:

According to the latest research, food packaging constitutes a large percentage of global waste, creating a big concern for businesses. For this reason, the majority of businesses are thinking to shift towards sustainable packaging options. Among various packaging paper types, Kraft boxes are recommended by manufacturers as well as the customers mainly because of their eco-friendly nature. The material is made from naturally occurring pine wood pulp. It can easily be recycled to create several other forms of packaging. Moreover, the material is free from toxins, chemicals, and bleaching agents. This feature makes it even more suitable to be used in the food packaging sector. 

Dishes Are Much Safer
  • Easy to Introduce Add-On Options:

Safety of the food is the topmost concern of every business and packaging plays a significant role to ensure it. Kraft paper boxes wholesale and white boxes can undergo interesting customization options to protect your food the best. For example, if you are designing a Kraft packaging for cupcakes, pastries, or any other baked item, let your box design with inserts or dividers. It not only looks more presentable but also safe your delights from spoilage and mishandling.

Similarly, you may create the boxes with handles to facilitate customers in carrying their products easily. Kraft packaging with windows or die-cuts is also becoming trendy these days due to increased visibility. There are some frozen food items or medicines that have to be transported under a temperature-controlled shipment.

Cardboard or Kraft paper is great insulation material. The boxes can be designed in a way to maintain the temperature through the transition. All these characteristics have given a special place to Kraft boxes and white boxes, especially in the food sector.


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