Instagram Stories is a great place to flaunt your brand because it boasts of having more than 500 million accounts worldwide browsing through Instagram Stories every single day. Moreover, if statistics were to be believed, one-third of the stories that have been viewed most are dedicated to businesses. As per, Instagram Stories are gaining traction by the day. More and more people are attracted to the format thanks to the time-sensitive feature of IS.

Unlike conventional posts, we know that Instagram Posts are transitory and they last just for 24 hours. Hence, people do not like to miss out on anything and tend to go through new stories whenever they come across them. 

With more and more users on Instagram Stories, it is of crucial importance to have a perfect stratagem in place to share content effectively in the event; you are leveraging the power and versatility of Instagram Stories for promoting your business.

If you are thinking in terms of obtaining more followers and boosting your overall reach, it is of pivotal importance to have a perfect game plan. Businesses must invest time and effort in chalking out a winning Instagram Stories strategy. 

For fashion businesses, Instagram is the destination for building relationships with various influencers, brands, and magazines for optimizing their overall presence on the powerful and visual platform. Instagram fashionistas have been embracing an unconventional sense of beauty and the fashion gurus believe that what is conventional in a specific market may be unconventional in another. They firmly believe that the global definition of beauty is actually defined by and attributed to Instagram.

Most Suitable Content to Post on Your Instagram Stories for Business

In the event, you are leveraging the truly robust Instagram Stories for business, you could focus on posting a combination of lighthearted, fun content along with effective promotional content. The most striking feature of Instagram Stories is the fact that they have come up with numerous cool apps and tools that could prove to be truly creative. There are a host of cutting-edge apps that have made designing top-quality stories much easier as compared to before. Let us explore some secret tricks to create Instagram Stories that are perfect for promoting your fashion brands.

Do Not Forget to Utilize Links in Instagram Stories

In the event you are a fashion business account having more than 10k followers, it is quite simple to drive more traffic from very much within Instagram Stories. You simply need to pay attention to incorporating pictures of a particular product from different angles, photos of different people probably in diverse environments. Your Instagram Story must include a CTA or promo code at the end.

Users could be swiping up on Instagram Stories that include a link and they could be redirected wherever they wish to go. The link button may not be obvious; hence, you need to ensure that followers know that they simply need to swipe up for learning more. You could consider incorporating effective GIFs, designs, or stickers for attracting the attention of your followers to the URL in your Instagram story. 

It is of pivotal importance to ensure that followers could be sent to particular landing pages directly from your Instagram stories. We understand that whether that is a brand new blog post or a product page, this could be a wonderful opportunity for all fashion brands to consider driving more traffic and boosting more sales straightaway from their fashion brand stories on Instagram Stories for Business.

Keep Sharing Emoji Sliders & Polls in All Your Instagram Stories

If you are thinking of surveying your Instagram followers regarding their interests, dislikes, likes, and even more then you may consider using poll stickers for effectively engaging with your Instagram target audience. As a fashion brand, if you are thinking of gathering product feedback, crowdsourcing ideas, or just entertaining your followers, you could rely on using poll stickers as they are a novel way of engaging your Instagram target audience effectively. Emoji sliders and poll stickers could be used for allowing users to vote precisely on questions submitted by you as a fashion brand or business.

Consider Asking Questions

When you are incorporating a question sticker, unlike emoji sliders and poll stickers, you need to answer questions submitted by other users. The question sticker of Instagram Stories is certainly a fantastic way of striking up a conversation with your followers about your fashion business. Your Instagram followers would surely appreciate and enjoy the free advice and at the same time, give you an opportunity to showcase your unique fashion products. Fashion businesses could buy Instagram followers and likes to broaden their horizons and boost brand awareness online.

Share Instagram & IGTV Posts on Your Instagram Stories

You could consider sharing Instagram posts or IGTV videos on Instagram Stories that would be displaying the username of the original post so that users are free to tap it for checking out the original Instagram post or IGTV video. Thanks to the all-new re-share feature, users are easily sharing IGTV videos and Instagram posts instead of relying on screenshots. Instagram Stories have been leveraged by fashion brands for cross-promoting their IGTV videos and posts.


You must use these expert tips to boost your fashion brand on Instagram Stories. Remember Instagram has come up with certain new changes for making it a lot easier for fashion marketers to take optimum advantage of Instagram Stories for Business.


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