The ECS, or endocannabinoid system, is one of the biggest breakthroughs of modern medicine. It’s an entirely new thing we have uncovered about the human body. It’s always been a part of us. We just haven’t known about it. Of course, no one can blame the scientists, since marijuana was illegal up to a few years ago. With new things to work on, we get new discoveries.

Marijuana is best known for two substances. One of them is THC, which is responsible for making you high. The second one is cannabidiol, which is also known as CBD. This one is responsible for relieving pain, reducing stress, making you feel less depresses, and it also serves as a remedy for anxiety. But, are there any other things that benefit from it? Click here to read more.

It can alleviate cancer symptoms

Many people have claimed that smoking weed helped them cure cancer. Now, no one is saying that marijuana is the cure for cancer, but there may be a little truth in it. The ECS is related to several bioprocesses. The most prominent ones are sleep, appetite, pain, and inflammation. 

When our liver metabolizes CBD, those molecules get to the ECS. In turn, our bodies feel less pain, any inflammation that we have gets reduced, we feel a bit hungrier and sleepier. Anyone who has ever smoked weed has experienced the same symptoms. You feel a bit drowsy, you get hungry out of nowhere, and you simply feel good. 

The only addition marijuana has when you smoke it is the added dose of THC, which makes everything funnier than it already is. All of this is important when you consider cancer. A study which involved more than 150 participants examined the effects of both CBD and THC on the patients. It’s important to know that all of these patients had zero relief from pain medication, meaning that chemotherapy was even more painful. 

The people who were treated with both compounds experienced much less pain than the ones who received a single extract. Many people turn to smoking weed to relieve pain because simple painkillers can’t do the job well enough. You can check this page to read more about it.They look for alternative methods. Now we see that it wasn’t just a placebo effect. 

Another study proved that taking concentrated CBD extract help to kill breast cancer cells. Of course, there is a lot more research that needs to be done before we know everything for sure. But until now, many promising medications could potentially be the cure many people have been looking for.

Neuroprotective properties

How Do The Endocannabinoid System And CBD Work?
How Do The Endocannabinoid System And CBD Work?

CBD affects both the endocannabinoid and the nervous system. Researchers believe that it also has some neuroprotective properties. You probably know that marijuana helps people with epilepsy to reduce the number of seizures to a minimum. 

It also helps people with multiple sclerosis to walk more securely, and the studies that have been done show promising results. One of those studies found that CBD reduced the number of muscle spasms in 75 percent of people who were resistant to MS medications. 

However, some people also experienced some side effects. Those were fevers, fatigue, as well as convulsions. On the other hand, people who suffer from other neurological disorders also claim that oils help them greatly. Those include Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. 

What are some other potential benefits?

A vast majority of people still consider marijuana to be a drug. Their opinion will likely change in the following years. However, a surprising thing was discovered by people who battle addiction. CBD oils help with substance abuse, and they serve as excellent treatment. View this link for more info

The cannabidiol has many interesting properties, and one of them is modifying the circuits in the brain that are responsible for addiction. First of all, that means that you can’t get addicted to marijuana. Secondly, that means that people who have issues with heroin, cocaine, and meth can have an easier way to cope and get rid of their addictions. 

Of course, nothing is perfect, and these oils also have a side effect. The main one is that you might gain a few pounds because you’ll be a bit hungrier, and you might get sleepy from time to time—nothing else. 


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