Would you like to post your Wi-Fi signal and increase its range? It is assumed these days your home, office, or any other establishment is going to HAVE a Wi-Fi router.

These days the question is not whether you have a Wi-Fi connection or not, the question is, how fast is your Wi-Fi connection and what sort of range it gives the users within the premises.

Different Wi-Fi routers come with different capabilities, but no matter what model of Wi-Fi router you are using, you can take some steps that can help you boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase the range of your Wi-Fi router.

But why would you like to boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase its range?

An average Wi-Fi router works quite well inside an average home. The problem arises when you are using a Wi-Fi router inside larger premises, for example, if you have a big house and it has multiple stories.

boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase its range
boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase its range

You would like all the people inside the house to receive good Wi-Fi signals. Of course, for different floors, you may have to install different Wi-Fi routers or Wi-Fi boosters (hardware, not software). These boosters are also called repeaters.

There are many products and services these days that function on the premises that you have a decent Wi-Fi connection. You need a Wi-Fi connection to use Chromecast, for example.

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Every mobile device these days including smartphones and tablets uses a Wi-Fi connection. Even devices such as iPods, televisions, and smartwatches these days depend on Wi-Fi connection.

So boosting your Wi-Fi signal and increasing its range can enable you to use Wi-Fi-enabled devices in different parts of the house and even on your balcony or lawn.

There are very simple ways you can boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase its range. Here are a few things you can do to maximize the range of your Wi-Fi router signals:

1. Don’t place your router behind other things: Just because your router works quietly and you don’t have to reach out to it on a regular basis doesn’t mean you should place it under your table or behind your bed or even behind your computer or somewhere in the attic.

Place your route at a prominent location, preferably at the center of your premises so that all the corners of your premises can receive the signals. You can significantly boost your Wi-Fi connection and increase the range of your Wi-Fi router by placing it at the right spot.

2. Don’t place your route around other electrical appliances: All sorts of electrical appliances transmit signals that can interfere with your Wi-Fi router signals.

3. Make sure the antennae of your Wi-Fi router are standing up: The antennae of your Wi-Fi router are flexible; in most cases, you can turn them around in whichever direction you feel like.

Sometimes, they are pointing sideways or even downwards, significantly impacting your Wi-Fi signals. If you want to boost your Wi-Fi connection and increase its range, the first thing you should check is the direction in which your Wi-Fi router antennae are pointing.

4. Install repeaters at strategic locations: Repeaters are small hardware devices, you can call them smaller routers, that repeat the signals further. It rebroadcasts the signals that it receives from your main Wi-Fi router and acts as a second network. Wi-Fi repeaters are not very expensive and you can easily install them at various locations.

5. Cut a can, unfold it, and place it behind the antenna of your Wi-Fi router: This is a very old technique and you will find it mentioned almost everywhere on the Internet where people are trying to explain how to boost your Wi-Fi signals and increase its range.

You can simply unfold a cut can and make it into a u-shape, forming a semicircle around the antenna. It doesn’t have to be a semicircle, you can extend it, but it should encircle the antenna.

The metallic surface of the can reflects the signals it receives from the backside of the antenna and transmits them in the directions where you might be using the Wi-Fi connection. This is known to boost your Wi-Fi signals significantly.

6. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection password protected: If you are not using a password-protected Wi-Fi connection then people in your neighborhood might be using it, not just costing you money, but also slowing down your surfing speed by hogging your bandwidth.

Password-protect your Wi-Fi connection if you haven’t done so and experience a significant boost in your Wi-Fi signal.

7. Routinely reboot your Wi-Fi router: As you go on using your Wi-Fi router it goes through various software/hardware experiences and it needs to be reset occasionally. Remember to reboot your Wi-Fi router at least once a month.

So these are a few steps that you can take to boost your Wi-Fi signals and increase the range of your Wi-Fi router.

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