Think back to the last wedding you went to. What were some of the highlights? While seeing the happy couple say ‘I do’ and having a slice of wedding cake are likely to be the most memorable, another key moment is often when the couple arrives at the ceremony. Like other guests, you were probably wondering how they would get to the venue and what type of car would be used. Visit; Wedding car hire.

We’ll provide a comprehensive guide that takes you through the necessary steps you need to take to set up your own wedding car rental business.

You can read the whole article for a complete overview of starting a wedding car hire business. If there’s a particular step you want to know more about, just skip to the sections that are most relevant to you.

1. Regulations and equipment

The first step you need to take to set up your wedding car rental business is to know what equipment you’ll need and which regulations to follow.

Some key questions you’ll need to consider include:

  • What type of car insurance will you need?
  • Who will drive the cars?
  • How will you purchase the cars?
  • What type of cars will you use?


As you’ll be renting out a car for hire or reward, you’ll need to take out specialist wedding car insurance. This offers protection for the driver and passengers, as well as taking into account factors specific to driving cars for wedding celebrations, such as occasional use and low mileage.

How much you’ll pay for insurance will depend on the type of car you’ll be covering and the location it’ll be used in.


You’ll need to decide if your business will supply the cars with or without drivers. If you choose to run a wedding car rental business with a driver supplied, you’ll need to ensure you meet the requirements to drive in this way.

This is also referred to as being a chauffeur and a full UK driving license and previous driving experience are essential. Additional rules apply if you use limousines or operate as a private hire firm.

Alternatively, you can provide self-drive cars for hire. With this option, it’s the responsibility of the wedding party to drive themselves to and from the event, although this is a less common approach. Be sure to get the appropriate self-drive hire insurance too.


When running a car hire business, it’s expected that you’ll buy the cars and then rent them out. It’s not best practice to rent or lease cars and rent them out again.

While purchasing a car is a considerable expense, this is literally the focus of your business, so it pays to choose wisely.

Look online for wedding cars for sale, or head to your nearest auto dealer to see if you can find a new or second-hand vehicle. Just be sure you check it’s roadworthy.

Classic cars (such as a Rolls Royce or a Bentley) are still a popular choice for weddings. Buying a classic or vintage car is not for everyone, though – perhaps you’re looking to create a niche for your business.

With the rise of themed weddings and sustainable celebrations, you could offer custom or alternative vehicles to suit a wider range of needs. Some ideas for niche vehicles include VW campervans and eco-friendly cars.


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