Facing arrests can weigh heavily on people because they might have to spend some time in jail until the time they appear in court, which could be many days away. To avoid jail altogether or stay confined for the shortest time, the only legal recourse is to seek bail or avail it from agents like Columbus Castle Bail Bonds.

The court accepts a guarantee on behalf of the person and agrees to release the person. The legal process places the onus on the accused of proving himself not guilty in court, after which he can walk free. Availing bail is the way to stay out of jail soon after arrest while allowing the court to set up a date for the commencement of trial, which can take some time varying from some week up to a few months as decided by the court.

Staying out of jail

Soon after a person lands in police custody after an arrest, the first thing that crosses his mind is how fast he can walk free regardless of the gravity of the charges. With the only exception of hardened criminals, the thought of spending time in jail, no matter how short it might be, can be worrisome for most people because there is yet no proof about the charges brought against him. Posting bail is the way to walk out from jail after an arrest, pending a court appearance for trial later. 

To know how bail or bonds work, keep reading

What is bail?

Releasing a person based on his or her recognizance in the form of a declaration is an accepted practice for persons charged with some petty offenses. But it is essentially a discretionary process that depends mainly on the background of the person. The bail process is most prevalent as it provides monetary security, which is a better guarantee and acts as a deterrent for the accused.

Judges fix the bail amount based on the personal background, criminal record, earning capacity of the person, the seriousness of the case and assign a value to the risk of releasing the person. On posting the bail in cash or the form of a bond, the person is set free. Violating the bail conditions can lead to the forfeiture of the bail amount and arrest of the person.

What is a bail bond?

Bail bonds are a form of undertaking given by the arrested person that serves the same purpose of posting bail by paying cash.  Licensed bail bond agents are underwriters of bail bonds issued on behalf of the arrested person. The bail bond agent you hire would take all risks on your behalf and assure the court about complying with the bail conditions based on which the court agrees to release you. 

Although bail and bail bonds serve the same purpose, there is some technical difference between the two in the manner of processing the documents. While you can pay cash to the court for availing bail, you must pay the bail bondsman to process the bond and ensure your release.


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