More than a billion active users browse through Instagram every day. This media-sharing platform has become a hotspot for digital marketers across the globe because of its worldwide reach and popularity.

Since social media marketing has become eminently useful for promotion and branding, various networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram have created a dedicated space for independent content creators and international businesses seeking online promotion. 

Courtesy its user-intuitive interface and super-flexible toolkit, social media marketing provides an integrated approach towards digital marketing. Not only can you post images but also promote your brand through high-quality videos.

Since most netizens prefer watching a video rather than reading a lengthy text online, video marketing has become a popular mode of communication and branding. It is also pivotal that you maintain a diverse feed on social media, thus, with static feed, you must incorporate videos to keep your audiences intrigued. Since images can share only a restricted amount of information, you can leverage your business through videos by sharing a vast amount of information in the most creative form.  

Optimize Branding and Promotion Through Instagram
Optimize Branding and Promotion Through Instagram

Before you create a marketing strategy for your Instagram ad campaign, you must closely analyze the composition of your market to establish your target audience. Every brand has a different target audience that can be identified by the uses of the product or service.

A sports brand may have a different set of Target Group as compared to a make-up brand. Pre-establishing your target groups provides you a head-start on your strategizing process. You can navigate your promotional energies in the right direction, i.e, people who are genuinely interested in knowing your brand. You can further optimize your target group on Instagram by keeping track of your audience engagement rate. 

Here’s how you can attract more traffic to your Instagram page

Create a business profile

To ensure maximum accessibility and reach, you must shift to a business account from a private or public account so that your viewers can check your page out anytime. Another reason to opt for a business account is that it is well-equipped for executing world-class ad campaigns in a pragmatic manner.

You can also link your business account to your Facebook account to run an ad campaign on both platforms simultaneously. After you open a business account, you must add your profile picture and a comprehensive bio that tells your viewers about what you are and what you do/offer in the very limited word count. 

Establish a diverse feed

After you have created a stunning business account, its time for you to kick-start your brand marketing and promotion. Incorporating a pitch-perfect mixture of promotional content and CTA in your marketing strategy shall help you garner maximum traffic.

Ensure that the share of voice of your Instagram feed remains consistent, yet flexible and doesn’t encourage a high bounce rate. You can use various video makers and editors to create striking promo videos for your brand. You can further increase the impactfulness of your video by adding text, graphics, transitions, and an intro that incorporates a strong Call To Action.  

Run your ads on Instagram

Once your Instagram account is ready to accommodate a thousand views, you can start running Instagram story ads. Investing in advertising always proves beneficial in the long run since you generate twice the revenue through wide-spreading and effective promotion.

The brand advertisements that run on Instagram are very difficult for users to circumvent, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility. If your ad is visually appealing, there are high chances that your viewers will swipe up to your page to browse through your feed. 

Increase engagement through Insta Stories

The Instagram story function is a relatively new advertising tool used massively for videocasting and image sharing. You can share “at the moment” pictures and videos instantly through stories. If you wish to keep your story beyond the 24 hours time limit, you can archive your stories and maintain a mesmerizing streak. Instagram Story Ads are highly effective since they can’t be blocked or dogged by viewers under any circumstances.

You can also increase your audience engagement rate by organizing Question & Answer sessions and audience polls to establish your own community or network of potential and pre-existing consumers. You can also create user-generated videos for your Instagram stories with the help of various online video makers and editors. While compiling footage for product reviews, you must maintain a bleak form of content so that it looks more realistic and credible. 

User-Generated content 

User-generated videos can include customer testimonial, product reviews or even reposting a consumer’s story where he/she mentions your product or talks about it. This is an excellent way of increasing your brand recognition and customer affinity. Reposting the stories of your consumers or adding give-away videos, etc can make your consumers feel acknowledged and valued.

You can also showcase your affiliation with famous personalities and Instagram influencers. Your potential targets can highly be pursued when they watch a well-known individual endorse your product since this marketing strategy humanizes your content. 

Analyze your ad performance 

Thorugh Instagram, you can keep track of your ad performance by analyzing the number of likes and comments you receive per post. You can also study the classification of your convergence rate and further refine your social media campaigns to yield an increased outcome. You can also dynamically polish your ad campaigns by consistently posting marketing content on your Instagram page. 

Instagram is well-engineered for the creation, execution, and analysis of ad campaigns that shall boost your sales off the roof.


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