We all are working and maintaining peace in our professional life on the basis of technology.

We communicate faster, maintain our schedules, calendars, meetings etc. with the help of an amazing creation of Microsoft, i.e., Microsoft outlook.

So, far, it sounds super convenient, right?

However, at times, outlook often gives many error codes like [pii_email_dfe907e4982308153863], especially when someone tries to send emails. Each code is unique and has its process of fixing methods.

Most things work fine with Microsoft Outlook, but at times they give us errors which can cause work disruption or delay in submitting some important assignment, loosing deadlines and in the end leave us feeling frustrated.

Microsoft Outlook is an important tool for those who are working in offices as they use Outlook as a daily mode of communication for office purpose. Many error codes can occur while using Microsoft Outlook and each error code has its own unique reason of appearance.

So, here are some the reasons for [pii_email_dfe907e4982308153863] error code and Simple Ways to follow to fix [pii_email_dfe907e4982308153863] Error

So, lets get started!

If the error code [pii_email_dfe907e4982308153863] appears when you are using your Microsoft Outlook for sending an email means that your system is crashing and need to be fixed. So, you can expect delays in sending emails, delay in meeting deadlines and of course a bad mood too.

Hence, fixing [pii_email_dfe907e4982308153863] Error is indeed a required task to take on.

To begin with, we assure that this error is not as complicated as it looks and can be resolved with basic steps mentioned here:

1) Most of the time, Outlook crashes because of plenty of accounts open at a time and creating turbulence. Advise you to close all the unused accounts and log-in only one at a time to avoid the crashing of the Outlook.

2) If there is an excessive cache stored and the system is not cleared from time to time, then it could lead to the occurrence of the error code.

3) The old variant of the Outlook can create problems, by regularly updating your Microsoft Outlook application you can avoid system crashing. Not only Microsoft Outlook system needs updating, but the software system that you are using also important and Outlook system has to be compatible with the operating system too.

The best remedy for this error it to log out from the excess accounts and clear the cache from the internal system.

If you still feel that your error problem is unresolved and the above steps are not helping you, it is best advised to contact the Microsoft team for resolution. You can go to their website: www.support.microsoft.com and leave your query.

Common Outlook error messages and codes:

1) “Object not found”, an error occurs when the user is trying to send an email, the reason could be your outlook profile is corrupted or the settings of automatic SMTP are picked up incorrectly. To fix this Outlook error code best is to change the settings manually.

2) No doubt that Outlook provides us variety of features, but along with that comes errors too. “Cannot open outlook attachment”, is one troublesome error among those Outlook errors. As the error suggests that user cannot open their Outlook mail attachments, most likely you’ll be able to miss out on important word documents, excel worksheets, it can be a real nightmare for anyone.

3) Another common error occurs when you try to open Outlook data file on a new computer and the error occurs, “Outlook data file access denied”. This happens when you try to import or open old outlook files on your new computer.

Microsoft Outlook works fine, but after a while it crashes. The most common reason behind Microsoft Outlook crashes is because of PST files got corrupted and damaged. Best is to do a complete reset to avoid further crashes of Microsoft Outlook. Uninstall it, delete the data files and reinstall it, it will work for sure. However, based on research and experience of Outlook related support, most Outlook crashes are caused by various different reasons: A faulty Windows system infected by a virus or wrong configuration. Sometime it can be a hardware issues that crashes the Outlook.


As we all know Outlook is an important part of our life, especially if you’re running a business or working with the corporate houses. There are various Outlook errors occurring due to PST file corruption. So, the focus remains on how to fix these errors easily and quickly and that too without any data loss.


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