Single-use coffee cups contribute to the 2.01 billion tons of waste that are often not correctly disposed of. According to reports from the World Bank, global waste will grow to 70% by 2050, unless people start taking action.  

If coffee is what’s on your mind first thing in the morning or you purchase your drink from the local café when heading to work, you would have an idea about the number of disposable cups you use every year.

Disposable Cups tent to End up in the Wrong Places

Most often, these wastes do not end up in their proper places and imagine the cycle of your everyday routine and how it dramatically affects the environment. There is nothing wrong with loving coffee. There are some health benefits when drinking the right amounts of coffee every day.

The only problem you would encounter is how to get rid of those disposable cups that contribute to billions of global waste. Using reusable coffee cups is one effective solution that will not only personalise your every drink, but give you the right reasons to enjoy your morning coffee habits. 

In big cities, particularly in business districts, finding trash full of coffee cups is a typical scene. They can be loitered on the streets, particularly with a full trash bin .These days, using customized Styrofoam cups is a very popular way to advertise a coffee brand or a café.. And people pass by without having a single thought at how a small object can be affecting.

Reusable Coffee Cups are Environment Friendly

One of the major benefits of using reusable coffee cups is its un-expiring use. People who opt for a recyclable mug or coffee cup do not just benefit alone, but also contributes to the welfare of the environment. 

While most disposable paper cups end up in landfills, a reusable cup can be used for as long as you need them. It means you never have to worry about the cup degrading because they are made from high-quality and heat-retaining materials.

Opting for reusable coffee cups is also much safer than conventional paper-based disposables or other coffee drinking vessels because they are chemical-free. Pouring an espresso or cappuccino is more flavourful considering that these cups do not emit certain chemicals when heated. 

Retain Your Coffee’s Temperature Longer with Recyclable Coffee Cups

One flaw you will notice with paper coffee cups is that your coffee becomes tepid quickly. If you have so much at hand that you take sips of your drink in between tasks, you might be surprised to find your coffee at room temperature. 

You can avoid instances like this by arming yourself with a specialised vessel that keeps heat inside so your coffee retains its warmth longer. Paper coffee cups are often thin and cannot hold temperature, especially when it’s cold.

On the other hand, a reusable coffee cup is better at heat retention because it is made from thermal materials. They are also much more convenient to hold because they have sleeves that are comfortable to hold. 


Drinking your favourite coffee is better with a non-toxic BPA-free reusable coffee cup than getting them from a paper cup. Not only do you personalise your drinking experience, but you are also contributing to the wellness of the environment. The next time you head to your local café or coffee shop, it is best to don yourself with a reusable and durable coffee cup for a better coffee experience. 


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