Being a beauty editor means a day when I carefully read celebrity makeup breakdowns, trying to find the simplest tricks and new products (it’s all a little work, folks).

You’ll always see a few products on display, like L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Lampblack, and there are products you start seeing again and again on lists of top makeup artists. Products like Ben Nye Setting Powder.

The Kardashians’ makeup artists are big fans. On Khloé’s app, there are two recent tutorials, one during which makeup artist Joyce Bonelli uses Ben Nye Translucent Powder in Faire to complete Khloé’s look, and another during which makeup artist Mary Phillips (who plays regular Chrissy) performs) performs). Teigen) uses Ben Nye Luxury Powder.

In beige suede to line Khloe’s makeup. So what’s so special about this $7 setting powder, created decades ago by a famous Hollywood makeup director?
About a year ago, word got out that Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist) swears by Ben Nye Banana Powder (a yellow-tinted version of the first powder) to help conceal undereye circles.

According to Dedivanovic, after the story went on, YouTube beauty bloggers were furious and Ben Nye Banana Powder sold out immediately, but it doesn’t work on all skin tones. “There’s a misconception that I always tell scholars in my masterclasses that I use banana powder to apply concealer under my eyes,” says Dedivanovic. This.” “It works well for darker skin tones under the eyes, and for lighter skin, I like to recommend more rosy shades.”

Somehow, Dedivanovic has had this powder for 15 years Remove it once you’re dealt with a makeup artist won’t help. “This cream is especially great for setting the foundation,” he says. “It calms the skin. Does it look very dry or without cake? Gives a nice, soft matte finish.”

Bonelli says she loves Ben Nye Setting Powder because it doesn’t need to be used in excessive amounts. “It’s an extended method,” says Bonelli. “The powder is great, so even a little will give you full face coverage.”

The matte look also basically lasts forever. “It will keep your makeup looking healthy all day long,” she says. “Your makeup will keep looking fresh, and you won’t have to worry about blotting or touch-ups all day long.”

Plus, Dedivanovic says that the longer the Ben Nye setting powder stays on her client’s face, the higher the face will look. “I found that a few hours after applying this powder to a client, when the natural facial oils had set, their skin had a pleasant glow, and it never looked greasy.”

And now that we’ve re-announced it as a makeup-artist favorite, you better confirm you get it before it sells out. seriously. “When I visited a makeup store a few years ago, workers told me that the letter B keyboard at their register no longer worked because it turned out I used powder because they couldn’t keep Ben Nye available. ” This has some serious implications.


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