All the great spiritual masters want us to look at each other in this life, like the universal self coming into the world to experience the human self. Some of them have psychic powers and really want to teach us.

You are the whole of the cosmic dance. The intention is your starting point. Intention includes want and purpose, aspiration, and higher vision. If you place your intention towards a material existence, this is what you will develop. Depending on the intention seed you have planted, the journey of your soul will take place automatically.

Here are some basic intentions testifying to the spiritual life:
I want to feel the presence of God

This intention is rooted in the uncomfortable feeling of being isolated and separated. You can hide it by developing friendships and family ties. But ultimately, in any way, each of us needs to experience inner serenity and peace.

I want God to help and support me

The presence of God brings with it the qualities of the spirit. At the source, each quality – love, intelligence, truth, organizational ability, creativity – becomes infinite. Developing them in your life will be a sign that you are getting closer to your soul.

I want to feel connected to the Whole

The journey of the soul leads a person to pass from a fragmented perception of things to the consciousness of the Whole. Events begin to weave in a web. Small details overlap together rather than being scattered by chance. Are psychics legitimates? For many people, yes they are! Some people got help from psychics to help them feel connected to the Universe.

I want my life to have meaning

Existence seems empty when there is separation. This feeling can only be healed by being one with God. Instead of looking outside to reach your goal, feel that just being there, as you are, is the greatest purpose of creation.

Ten ways to raise your spiritual lifeTen ways to raise your spiritual life
Ten ways to raise your spiritual life

I want to be free without restriction

Inner freedom is seriously compromised when the fear is there, and fear is a natural consequence of separation. As soon as you get closer to your soul, the old boundaries and defenses are starting to vanish. If these fundamental intentions are present in you, God takes responsibility for carrying them out.

Everything else you do is secondary. Either way, you can still have a lot of influence through your everyday behavior. Here are the basic rules for a spiritual life
that has worked for me, and which I think will work for many others.

1 – Know your intentions

Your false intentions should not be buried. Uproot them and work on the danger and fear that attaches to them. False intentions cause guilty desires like the followings:

  • I want it to be someone else who fails, I want to be tied,
  • I want the bad guys to be punished,
  • I want to bring something that does not belong to me.

False intentions can be elusive. You will notice their existence at the feeling related to them –
a feeling of fear, greed, rage, hopelessness, and weakness. Sense first and stay alert until you find the intent hidden below.

2 – Set your intentions high

Aim to become a saint and do miracles. Why not? If you know that to grow inwardly you need to gain mastery, so ask for it as soon as possible. Don’t force yourself to do wonders, but don’t deprive yourself either. How, Mastery with vision; see the miracles around you, this will facilitate the coming of greater miracles.

3 – See yourself in the light

The ego maintains its hold on us by feeling that we are needy and helpless. From this feeling of lack, grows a hunger to acquire everything we see. Money, power, sex, and pleasure are supposed to fill this gap, but they never do.

You can escape this illusion pack if you see yourself, not in the shadows, striving to reach God, but in the light from the first moment. The only difference between you and a saint is that your light is small, and that of a saint is great. Both come from the light.

4. See the other in the light

Believing yourself superior to others is a cheap move to feel good about yourself. All judgment is born from this little seed. A simple little formula can help you when you’re tempted to judge someone else, even if he or she deserves it: remember that everyone does to the best of their ability according to their own level of consciousness.

5. Every day give strength to your intentions

Everyday life is a kind of whirling chaos where the ego confines itself by pretending to meet its requirements. You have to remember your spiritual goal from morning tonight. Putting your intentions in writing helps some; others find it more useful to have regular moments of meditation and prayer. Find your center, look closely at yourself, and don’t let go of your intention until you feel it centered in you.

6. Learn to forgive yourself

We all fall into the traps of selfishness and delusion when we least expect it. The hurtful remark launched at random, the lie said lightly, the irresistible urge to cheat is universal. Forgive yourself for being where you are. Apply to yourself, the same saying you apply to others. You do the best you can according to your level of consciousness.

7. Learn to let go

Being spiritual to something paradoxical is that you are always right and right at the same time.
Life is change: you must be ready to leave your beliefs, current thoughts,
and actions no matter what spirituality they make you feel. Each stage of inner growth is good. God feeds each of them. If you need some guide, reading predictions for 2020 might help.

8. Revere the sacred

Our society makes us skeptical of the sacred. But each saint is your future, and each master glances at you over his shoulder, waiting for you to join him. The human representatives of God constitute an invaluable treasure. Immersing yourself in this treasure will help you open your heart.

Ten ways to raise your spiritual life
Ten ways to raise your spiritual lifeTen

9. Let God Do the Rest

Most people are addicted to worries, control, over-organization like drugs, and lack faith. Resist the temptation to follow these trends. Do not listen to the voice that says that you are “in charge of” that constant vigilance is the only way to get it all done. Let the mind try a new way.

Your intention is the most powerful tool available to you. Plan to get everything done as it should be then, let it go and allow the opportunities, the openings to come to you. The result you are trying so hard to force may not be as beneficial for you as the one that will come naturally.

If you could give 1% of your life to God every day, you’d be the brightest person in the world in three months. Keep that in mind and give up something, anything on a daily basis.

10. Embrace the unknown

Over the years, you have given shape to desires and dislikes. You have learned to accept certain limits. None of this is truly you. The unknown awaits you, the unknown which has nothing to do with the I that you already know. Some reach the extreme edge of illusion only at the time of death and after looking back a long time, their lives seem incredibly short and transitory.

The part of us that we know is the part that shines, flickering, and goes out too quickly. When you feel a new impulse, a thought that uplifts, an intuition that you have never followed before, embrace the unknown. Cherish him like the newborn. God lives in the unknown and when you can fully embrace it, you will be back home, free.


Mohit Sharma, He has worked with various business magazines like Business Today,He is an addicted reader of self-help books, fiction, and journals

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