In today’s fast-paced world, everyone continues to grow more worried as the days go by. Having your horoscope read is one of the most common ways of de-stressing and managing your attention on the right track. Being able to understand what your future could look like can give you a keen sense of comfort, especially in these testing times. 

In these pandemic times, however, going out of your house and seeing an astrologer can be too big a risk to take. It is moments like this when we can see the full use of having online predictions for free, at the comfort and safety of your homes.  

In astrology, for accurate astrology predictions, professionals consider your birth chart or kundali to be one of the most important charts to understand the path you are heading in. In the kundali, there are many aspects and key players that rule and influence your chart or horoscope. 

Birthdate and Location: 

The birth date and precise time down to the seconds, along with the location of birth will lead to the creation of your kundali chart, where the positions of the sun, moon, and planets are considered. 

Rashi and Graha: 

In Vedic astrology, a moon placed sign is termed as Rashi, which in the western astrology would be considered the 12 zodiac signs. A graha on the other hand is a planet. There are 7 main grahas- The sun, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and two Chaayaa Graha or the shadow planets – Rahu and Ketu. They are known as shadow planets as they are non-real points (nodes) on the sky that’s used for reference. Each Rashi and Graha has a specific attribute and function, respectively, that has many unique and different impacts on your life. 


Bhavas are the 12 houses on the horizon which are ruled by Rashi and Graha. These houses each hold a certain attribute of your life like career, marriage, etc, and depending on the ruling rashi and graha, the impacts are reflected in your chart. 


Lagna is the ascendant or the rising sign, the first sign that arises over the eastern horizon at the time of birth. It signifies your outward appearance and persona, your self-confidence, your ego and so on. Lagna defines your personality and approach to the outside world around you.


The panchangam is the Vedic almanac that dates and times various important events and occurrences in the natural and spiritual world in a tabulated form. A strong foundation in both astrology and mathematics is needed to comprehend the contents of the panchangam.  

When using online predictions, it will ask you for your birth date, time, and place and create your kundali chart. From there, every aspect of the kundali chart will be explained to you in brief. If that is not satisfactory, you could get a professional online to read your D9 chart along with the kundali.

Your kundali chart cannot define your future completely for you, but if your astrologer does a good job of understanding it and explaining it to you, then you will find out some interesting and important aspects of your life. This could help you prioritize and plan better and set your path to a clearer goal or destination.


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