Tarot reading is often required to predict love life and, in the context of love life, one of the most recurring themes is the return of the ex.

The return of the ex is a thorn in the side of all those people who have lived an important story, and know that that story has never ended completely. It is also a recurring fear (and sometimes a hope!) Among those people who, despite having moved forward, fear that there may be, at any moment, a backlash from the past capable of throwing down the new equilibrium that a fatigue they created in their life.

Knowing whether an ex will return or not then becomes a fundamental question for everyone. Giving an answer is the best way to avoid being caught unprepared by future events.
Tarot reading is a moment in which the past and the future meet, because the cards are able to tell what will happen and also have the power to help us re-read the past with new eyes.
Each love story is a story in itself, but they all have elements in common. A relationship always starts with a first phase made up of curiosity, passion, the desire to get to know each other. This phase is followed by a second phase in which emotions mature and begin to express themselves differently.
For stories that work, this second phase lasts a lifetime. Lovers grow up together and their relationship continues to mature.

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The stories that end can close peacefully because both realize that love has given way to a friendly affection (the famous now we are brother and sister), but much more often they close after a very tormented phase.

In fact, a relationship does not always end due to a lack of love. It can end because the circumstances are adverse, because love is exhausted only on one side, because love exists, but the behaviors of one of the two are intolerable for the other (repeated betrayals, difficulty managing life common, inability to manage relationships with each other’s families, professional choices that undermine the stability of the couple, and so on).

When a story ends, but the feelings are still alive, an unbearable torment can arise that does not end with the relationship, on the contrary …
Many, too many questions can arise. About yourself, about the other person, about the events that brought the story to the breaking point, but above all about what will become of the relationship.

Is it really over? Is there still hope? Does it still make sense to fight to bring her back to life? If so, what to do next?

The reading of the ” ex return tarot ” in these moments is a precious help, because it allows a complete analysis of the situation.
In this case, rather than requesting a generic fortune-telling consultation, it is recommended to resort to a specialist consultation in the return of the ex.


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