What are Earth Angels ?

Earth angels are benevolent, spiritual beings created by the divine masters. One of their main purposes is to be a serve as helpers and warriors to god. However, they were also created to help bridge the spiritual realm with the one of the living. They are sent as messengers, offering divine communication and guidance to all humans who are receptive to it. Earth angels are here, all around us, ready to advise us on some of the most important aspect of our lives.

It is not often that people are directly able to see and encounter these angels. You must have a special spiritual aptitude, known as clairvoyance. One such person is Dr. Doreen Virtue, PhD. She was born with this gift, and throughout her childhood and life, has been in communication with these fascinating entities. She has taken her vast knowledge on the subject and compiled several books on angel numbers and angel healing. Angel numbers are sequences that Earth angels use to send us messages, instead of interfering with our daily activities. Seeing angels could be frightening to some, and certainly distracting to almost anyone. Therefore, by using codes, these angels can communicate with us subtly.

One of Doreen Virtue’s best known books, Angel Numbers 101, describes these numeric codes is detail. You will learn where to look for them. They can be found almost anywhere numbers are found, including street address, phone numbers, and even your paycheck! Once you know how to spot these codes, get used to recognizing them more and more often. Angel Numbers 101 is also a reference guide to these codes, and explains what different numbers and repeating sequences mean. Then, you have to learn how to apply them in context to your own life. It may sound like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, it will be effortless. The guidance that Earth angels provide is well worth the listen.

If you are open to communication, there is no limit to the things that angels can advise you on. Your career, finances, family, social life, health – any topic that is relevant to your lifestyle. And just as importantly, you will learn how to broaden your spirituality and become in touch with the divine masters. Simply put, you should never underestimate the presence of Earth angels and the support they can provide!