The physical closeness that baby carriers make possible anytime and anywhere gives a baby a sense of security. Undoubtedly, a baby carrier can boost a baby’s mood and result in improved health. With a happy and contented baby comes a happy mom who enjoys more quality time with her baby as she juggles chores and errands throughout the day.

Life with and without baby carriers

Crying and fussing

Without a baby carrier, an infant will be lying alone on a crib or playpen. Endless crying is an expected outcome. Although using a carrier is no assurance of zero crying episodes, researches have shown that babies who are carried, cried less and are less fussy. Additionally, it was revealed by studies that a 51 per cent decrease in crying during the evening is observed among babies carried for at least 3 hours a day.

The health of premature babies 

Skin-to-skin contact is seen to significantly help regulate a premature baby’s heartbeat, temperature, and breathing. Specially designed carriers that allow skin-to-skin contact make close mother-baby bonding possible. Bonding, in turn, contributes significantly to a premature baby’s recovery and development.

Parent and baby connection

Mothers who spend very little time during the day with their babies may find the short time they bond with their young, pre-verbal babies quite challenging. With limited time spent together, mothers might have to struggle to understand the baby’s cues that could have been easier to decode if they spent more hours together. 

A baby carrier allows a mother to be with her baby longer. Longer time together and with skin-to-skin contact establishes a stronger bond and connection. Communication is facilitated. Baby’s cues are understood with confidence. 

Essential characteristics of a suitable carrier

A suitable carrier is designed with a baby’s safety as a top priority. Suitable carriers provide ample support for the baby’s back and neck and ensure that the baby can breathe comfortably at all times. A suitable carrier allows a mother to have a good view of the baby’s face, enabling a mom to check and monitor her baby’s mood and breathing easily.

Other important characteristics when choosing a baby carrier include being comfortably tight and upright so that accidental falls are avoided. The right carriers position a baby close enough for a mother to kiss the top of its head. It likewise allows for a safe and comfortable distance between a baby’s chin and chest while the baby is in an upright position. 

More points to consider

A wide array of baby carriers is available with the recommended safety characteristics. Other factors worth considering when making the final choice include the size and age of a child, the mother’s body type and personal preferences as to the colour, fabric and overall look of the carrier. The budget, of course, also matters much.

Spending on baby carrier money spent wisely for the busy mom or dad. Not many people will contest this point. It allows parents to spend hours with their babies while they continue moving about during the day. 

Time is precious and must be spent on what matters most and with those who are closest to our hearts. Babies grow so fast and missed opportunities to bond with them are a big loss. Quality time spent with them while they’re snugly held by a carrier, on the other hand, is time well spent. Its impact on their learning, social and emotional growth is tremendous. 


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