Dreams About Knives

Many artifacts and objects such as weapons, precious items, jewelry, or tools have rich symbolism. It means that these tools indicate some special meaning. So, in this article, we are going to talk about an unusual tool that we often see in our dreams and that is a knife.

Knives have been used since ancient times and our ancestors made this tool using the material that was available to them at that time. On one side where it has made our life easier, it is also used as a dangerous object that can provide harm to anyone.

This article lets us understand what is knife symbolizes or what a knife symbolizes. Have you ever dreamt of a situation in which you had a knife in your hand or something like that? Well, having such dreams is considered not so common.

So, in case you dream about knives that probably indicates that you need to cut off something or someone out of your life. Dreaming of knives usually indicates that there are some things in your life that you need to get rid of.

These things can include relationships or some habits that might harm you. So, you should take some action to confront or solve some problems that you have in your life.

However, dreaming of knives can greatly vary in their meaning. To properly interpret your dream of a knife, you have to recall certain remarkable details of that dream. The very basic details of your dream can include the appearance of the knife and its use. The second thing that you need to keep in mind is where the knife is. Is that you who was using the knife or someone else? And for what purpose?

Knowing about the above questions can lead to a path where you can find a knife dream meaning.  So now that you are so eager to know about knife symbolism, let straight away jump into it.

Dream Interpretation Knife

1. Dreams About A Big Knife

Dreams About A Big Knife

In case, you had a dream of a big, oversized, or uncommonly large knife, then it means that big lies are around you that you need to discover. A big knife is usually interpreted as the symbol of a lie that is to come from your side. This would be the lie you probably have to say, to spare someone you care for from something unpleasant, bad, or unnecessary.

The bigger the knife you see in your dream, the more the chances that you get into some complex situation.

This probably can turn out bad or unpleasant for you.

This is because the person you will lie to will somehow be able to discover your lie but they won’t know why you lied about it. This dream serves as a very helpful guide to you. So, it is better for you to not lie even if there is any bad or unpleasant situation that arrived in your life.

2. Dream About A Pocketknife

Dream About A Pocketknife

Dreaming about a pocketknife reflects that you have an open and just personality. There is no chance that others can manipulate you and you will always speak your mind, no matter if the other person agrees or disagrees with your opinion. This shows that you are the kind of person who always takes a stand for himself and would not make any compromises in his life. Exploring the Dreaming About Turtles?meaning may reveal further insights into your subconscious thoughts and personality traits reflected in your dreams.

This dream is all about reminding you of your traits and what are the positives and negatives about them. Sometimes your straightforward nature can appear dangerous and threatening to some people. By this, you can sometimes also end up hurting someone unintentionally. So, a pocketknife symbolizes your rush and tempered personality. It is better to see this as a good sign and help yourself control your temper.

3. Dreams About Holding A Knife

A person holding a knife in his dream symbolizes that he has got many problems in his life and he is in a situation where he doesn’t know what to do about these problems. So, he is more likely willing to cut those problems off from his life with that knife.

These problems are most of the time related to a relationship that you have in your life. Deep inside you are willing to break that relationship but at the same time, you are very much in doubt about it. This is not a negative dream but can make you feel uncomfortable because it will make you doubt what you want from people you have a relationship with.

You may also feel that the person you love has changed and is trying to keep a distance from you.

So, this makes you feel that there is no use in keeping any relationship with that person and you want to end up that connection soon.

On the other hand, dreaming about holding a knife also reflects helplessness and suppressed anger.

You might be angry with someone that you love but you really don’t know how to clear out things with them.

So, in that case, you feel helpless that you are not able to clarify things with the person you are mad about. That person can be either of your family members, your partner, or your closest friend.

This dream can be helpful for you if you positively see this. Ask yourself what it is that makes you feel angry with someone or is that you in reality who creates some unpleasant situations? The soon you will realize your negative traits, it will make you feel relieved and ready to move forward in life.

4. Dreaming About Getting Stabbed In Back With A Knife

Dreaming About Getting Stabbed In Back With A Knife

In case if you dream about someone stabbing a knife in your back, then it means that you are not so smart in selecting your friends. Exploring the Duck Symbolism & Meaning may offer additional insights into the symbolism of betrayal and trust in your dreams, helping you understand the significance of such imagery in your subconscious mind.

You have friends but you are unaware of the fact that there are also some enemies among them. So, it is high time that you should learn about who your true friends are and who just want to stab a knife in your back.

5. Dream About A Rusty Knife

Dream About A Rusty Knife

Dreams about rusty, damaged, and ruined tools or objects are signs of negative things like illness, misfortune, or misery. So, if you see a rusty knife or something even worse, then there are chances that you will fall either physically or emotionally ill. Dreams of rusty knives are considered ill omens and they rarely carry any positive message in them. So, you should take care of yourself in case you get such negative rusty knife dreams.

6. Dreams About A Bloody Knife

Dreams About A Bloody Knife

dreaming about knives full of blood is a symbol of disagreement, conflict, or fighting, in general. This dream is a reflection of the anger and frustration that you have in your life. Therefore, you should stay out of arguments unless you are calm down a bit. Otherwise, the situation may get worse and you can even end up hurting others and yourself too if the disagreement gets into a physical fight. It also symbolizes disappointments, betrayals, and broken relationships. So, getting such a dream is not a positive one but it could be helpful if you can understand its meaning.

7. Dreams About Finding A Knife

Dream About A Finding A Knife

This sort of dream is among those dreams that have some positive meaning. This dream indicates that you are about to get some really surprising and unexpected good news. Through this dream, you can discover that there are some hidden talents or skills in you that you are not aware of. So, with this dream, you can find yourself good at doing something that you never knew before. You can recognize your talents and make full use of them.

8. Dreaming About A blunt Knife

Dreaming About A blunt Knife

If you dreamt about a blunt knife, then this probably indicates that you are not skilled enough to complete some of your projects. This indicates that you are inefficient in some part of your life. Sometimes it can also tell you that someone is going to attack you shortly but you will not be able to defend yourself. So, you should be careful about it.

9. Dreaming About A Man Chasing You With A Knife

Dreaming About A Man Chasing You With A Knife

If you are getting dreams about a man chasing you with a knife, then it indicates that you have a fear of being abandoned by your partner, or you have a fear of being single. It can also depict your efforts to please your partner.

Knives have a quality of dual nature, they sometimes indicate positives in a person but most of the time they indicate negatives about something in your life. So, these all were the interpretations of having dreams about knives.


Dreams about knives can symbolize a variety of meanings depending on the context. They may represent feelings of aggression, cutting ties, or the need for protection. Alternatively, knives in dreams can also signify precision, transformation, or the need to make decisive actions in waking life. Exploring the specific details and emotions surrounding the dream can provide deeper insights into its significance and how it relates to your subconscious thoughts and experiences.

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