Imagine that you’ve just been offered the job of your dreams. You’d be working at the top of the professional ladder in a field you love, with a team of eager workers at your beck and call. There’s only one condition: you need to move to some obscure country far from your network.

Of course, you might be thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? Your kids are already talking about all the foreign food they’re going to try, and your spouse is scouting ahead for all the prime tourist locations in your new home country.

The company wants you to sign a contract for one year, starting several months down the road.

But wait. What about your household goods? The last thing you want to do is lug your great-aunt’s antique organ overseas. There isn’t time to sell your possessions. Besides, you don’t want to start from scratch should you move back to your original locale.

Luckily for you, public storage is an option.

But is it really worth it? After all, you have no idea what happens to your belongings once the unit is locked. Will your belongings stay dry in there? What about moth infestations? Will you be subject to changing costs?

Fortunately, we’ve provided you with a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning public storage to put your mind at rest. It would be taken as an advice that secures self-storage in Mississauga would be the right choice as you can get wide variety of options which suits your budget.

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How do I find the right storage unit for my needs?

The type of storage unit for you will depend on factors such as cost (this can be a dealbreaker), location, size and other specifications such as room temperature and humidity. 

The number of options may be overwhelming, but as you weed through them you’ll get closer to finding the perfect one for your needs.

Try conducting internet searches, asking your travel organization, browsing the classifieds, or simply asking your circle of friends or co-workers who have used storage units in the past. The odds will be in your favor.

Will I need to buy insurance?

Most storage companies require that you insure your goods, especially anything expensive. (Think leather, artwork, electronics, etc.) This ensures that your items are protected in case of robbery, fire, alien invasion—you get the picture.

You will probably have to present the director of the storage facility with a written contract that you are committed to paying the insurance.

FAQs Concerning Public Storage Units
FAQs Concerning Public Storage Units

What if my items need a special climate?

No problem! Many public storage unit facilities offer units with specified temperature, humidity and atmosphere for those items that will be ruined if they are not kept at a certain state.

You might have to pay extra, but in return you will have the assurance that your items will be waiting for your return in the same condition in which you left them.

I don’t need climate control for the majority of my items. Can I use more than one type of storage unit?

Absolutely. For your more precious items, you can lease a smaller unit with specific climate controls to keep it in top-notch condition. The rest of your items—larger, less valuable goods—can be stored in an outdoor unit, which is a cheaper option altogether but does not feature climate control.

We recommend speaking to a representative of the storage unit facility to discuss the different plans available to you.

What if I want to bring my goods with me and store them near my new place of residency?

This is completely feasible; in fact, many storage companies provide moving and unloading services for an additional fee.

You will have the assurance that your items are safe nearby without the hassle of cluttering up your home. Again, a good idea would be to discuss it with your storage company of choice and work out a plan.

How will I pay for my storage unit overseas?

Most storage units require a monthly payment. If sending a check is too much trouble, you can probably make your payments online with the click of the mouse. Better yet, you can set up your bank account to pay the storage company automatically at the beginning of each month.

That way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your payment.

We hope that these questions have helped get you started on your path to obtaining a storage unit. Remember, the storage facility you choose will always have the answer to your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask!

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