Butterflies In Dream Message: Transformation Period Has Begun!

We all must have heard the example of a butterfly that suggests growth is a process. or else when you are attracted to someone, you feel butterflies in your stomach. Well, the meaning of seeing butterflies is indeed a symbol of joy and a reflection of the beauty of life. And so I believe, seeing them around you often should mean something.

When explored myself, I found some amazing spiritual meanings of seeing butterflies which suggests huge transformation and growth in your life. So, Imagine, how beautiful it would be to see these little pretty butterflies in a dream or even around you.

In fact, with such messages, it is pretty clear that seeing butterflies in dreams can be a way of a mysterious universe to back you up in life situations and not just a coincidence. With that being said, here is the interpretation that I am certain would interest you if your belief in the mysterious ways of the universe to support us.

What Does Butterfly Symbolise?

Butterflies In Dream Message

Butterflies symbolize encouragement, bravery, good luck, changes, transformation, strength, and success. If you notice seeing a butterfly elevates mood and fills a person with joy. Isn’t it? So, consider the metamorphosis that says Butterflies are well-known for the changes in their life cycle.

To be precise, Metamorphosis signifies some significant changes and transformations in the life cycles. It shows how eggs are transformed into full-grown butterflies. Thus, Butterflies symbolize that their repeated appearance has a direct connection with the current phase of your life.

Are Butterflies A Good Sign?

Yes, indeed! Butterflies are indeed a sign of the process of growing in life which can be tough but important to live a beautiful and meaningful life. Thus, if you see butterflies often, especially when you are not in a good mood, it is indeed support from the universe. Additionally, Angel Number 654 may serve as a guiding light amidst life’s challenges.

Moreover, let me help you with more insights into seeing this beautiful creature and ways to handle the situation in this phase.

What Does It Mean When You Keep On Seeing Butterflies?

Butterflies carry messages from your guardian angel that are now backing you up and preparing you for the phase of transformation. Transformation is never an easy process and thus seeing butterflies repeatedly can be a blessing for you and then you should never ignore their presence.

Rather, you can assume that it’s going to bring good luck to your life. With that, let’s know how to fill ourselves with such positive energy in such situations.

What To Do If You See Butterflies In Dreams?

The universe is conspiring to send you a beautiful message. Let’s discover them one by one-

  • If you are going through some major changes in your life then be cool and calm. You don’t have to struggle alone. Your guardian angel is here to tell you that your hardship and struggle are going to make you shine very soon
  • If you have given up and lost hope, then pull yourself together. Don’t take your life and dreams for granted
  • It’s time for you to change your perspective, make some good changes and become more aware of yourself and your surrounding
  • If you are holding some grudge or carrying some burden in your heart, it’s time to replace them with good thoughts. Butterflies are constantly telling you to become carefree. Take things lightly and let go of things that are not meant for you

Now, you already know that butterflies convey a special message. The first thing you should notice in them is their color. Different colors come up with different meanings. Now let’s take a glimpse at their colors and

What Do Different Colors Butterflies Symbolize?

Butterflies In Dream Message
  1. Orange butterfly- It tries hard to remind you about your goal and purpose
  2. Brown butterfly- Good news is on your way. It is the spirit of dead persons. If someone has died without a farewell, then they try to convey messages and good wishes through brown butterflies
  3. Yellow butterfly- Keep your thoughts clear. Changes are going to hit your life soon. It signifies creativity and joy
  4. Blue butterfly- It tries hard to make you aware of your dreams. It also encourages you to fulfill your dream at any cost. It symbolizes joy, honor, and luck
  5. Purple butterfly- If your current days are rough and cold, it’s going to end soon
  6. Green butterfly- The decisions you have made so far are appropriate. You are walking on the right path. Success is going to touch your feet anytime soon. It symbolises love
  7. Black butterfly- It’s time to welcome a new chapter in your life. It also signifies death. Death, the moment of dusk further symbolizess rebirth and awakening
  8. White butterfly- Someone who passed away and was close to your heart wants you to know that you are doing good and on the right path. It upholds purity
  9. Monarch butterfly- It symbolizes trust, strength, power, and persistence
  10. Red butterfly- It signifies some realistic and actual dangers

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What Does It Mean When Butterflies Keep On Flying Around You?

Butterflies, a symbol of trust, joy, luck, wealth, empathy, happiness, success, and most importantly, change. Let’s look at the meaning of seeing butterflies everywhere…

1. A Metaphor Of Your Journey Of Life-

Metamorphosis marks a crucial change in their life. It depicts how eggs get converted into larva followed by pupa. Lastly, the pupa transforms into a colorful butterfly. It’s a metaphor, right?

They are trying to communicate that some good changes are waiting for you and those beautiful changes are going to hit your path soon. Currently, if you are stuck in a dilemma or an unhealthy relationship or going through some rough days, then keep your hope higher. Good days are coming buddy.

2. A Message From Your Angel

Our guardian angels never leave a chance to guide us through your thick and thin. They try to deliver messages to convey something important. They drop signs and symbols for us to decipher what is waiting in the upcoming days.

3. Love And Greetings From Your Special Ones

Quite a few times, you lose your near and dear ones without saying a proper goodbye. When your loved ones leave this world with some unsaid things and wishes, they try to communicate with you. Butterflies are one of their media.

They bring a powerful and deep message into your life. The messages they carry within are beautiful and colorful just like their appearance. The content and form of messages depend on their color. Different colors carry different meanings within them.

Sometimes, butterflies can bring good luck, and sometimes bad luck too. But when it comes to bad luck, it rarely happens.

Butterflies are a symbol of-

  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Wealth
  • Rebirth
  • Good luck
  • Success
  • Transformation
  • Growth
  • Encouragement
  • Bravery
  • Strength
  • Love

Meaning Of Seeing 2 Butterflies At A Time

Butterflies In Dream Message

Is it making you more curious? Well well well, two butterflies carry a more powerful message. It symbolizes a perfect emblem of love. Let’s dig deeper and see what a butterfly symbolizes in love. If you keep on seeing butterflies everywhere that signifies your life cycle is now connected with them. You can’t help paying attention to it.

Butterflies symbolize a strong sense of love. When you see two butterflies at a time, it signifies eternal love. The feeling and fate of love solely depend on the color of the butterflies. Mostly, green butterflies come with love, affection, and warmth.

Spiritual Meaning

If you are repeatedly asking yourself what is the spiritual meaning of seeing butterflies? It’s a call from the universe! Butterflies struggle a lot and go through different phases before converting into colorful bright adults. Additionally, Angel Number 622 may offer insight and guidance along your spiritual journey.

Their life cycle starts from eggs which gradually convert into larvae (caterpillars). Caterpillars hang upside down to form a pupa. Pupa (chrysalis) undergo complete metamorphosis to transform into beautiful butterflies.

The spiritual meaning that a butterfly carries inside it is-

  • Symbolizes rebirth
  • Tells to awaken your soul
  • Leads your way and prepare yourself to go through some changes
  • Notifies you to refresh your soul

Meaning Of Butterflies In Your House

The answer to this question varies from country to country. In some, it means death and in some, it symbolizes good luck.

Dark-colored butterflies are meant for career and bright-colored are for romance.

What If A Butterfly Crosses Your Path?

Have you asked yourself previously what it means when a butterfly crosses your path? Butterflies are spirit animals. They guide us to make the right decisions in our lives. Their continuous appearance is not accidental at all. It tells you to take a pause and look into your life and ask yourself how life is going, what decisions you have made so far, whether are you happy, and so on…

As said earlier, butterflies symbolize transformation, change, and growth. Don’t be afraid to let go of old things in order to make a place for new things. Embrace the changes and have faith in yourself that everything is going to be fine. It mainly informs you to come out of your past, and let go of things that are serving no purpose in your life. Embrace changes and start making good decisions.

If a black butterfly crosses your path, then probably it’s a negative omen. Here again, don’t misinterpret the word ‘death’. Death means rebirth and awakening of your soul. When you see a white butterfly that probably indicates your loved ones who are no more are trying to send you best wishes. If you see a butterfly and your better half at the same time, then it symbolizes love and a strong balance in your relationship.

Meaning Of Seeing Butterflies In Your Dream

Butterflies In Dream Message

The dream is what our subconscious thoughts are made up of. If butterflies start to appear in your dreams too then it’s a positive sign. It embarks a drastic change in your life.

  • It symbolizes transformations and change
  • You are going to explore a romantic relationship
  • You are going to explore different shades of spirituality
  • Changes are in your way
  • Success and wealth are going to hit you soon
  • Face your weaknesses and fears, and don’t let them ruin your career
  • Empower yourself with good vibes, explore your strength, and take out the best version of yourself
  • Share your capabilities and strengths with the world
  • An indication of awakening and resurrection but at the same time an omen to death  (only in the case of a black butterfly?
  • Pay attention to the cycle of growth in your life
  • It carries a power of positivity within it
  • In case you are stuck amid chaos, things are going to be normal very soon
  • They are your spiritual guide
  • Get out of your comfort zone and try to see things differently
  • Change is inevitable so you should accept things as they are
  • It teaches us to stay calm
  • It guides you to have faith in yourself
  • Welcome new things and let’s go of old habits that are doing no good to you

What Happens When You See A Dead Butterfly?

Butterflies In Dream Message

It’s unpleasant to see any living things dead. As stated earlier, butterflies are a symbol of transformation, growth, and change. To your surprise, a dead butterfly is not a symbol of bad luck. Long story short, it symbolizes awakening and resurrection.

  • Dead Butterflies wants to convey to you that you are not given priority to important things like happiness and self-love. It’s high time to renew your connection with your inner soul
  • Break free of all your limitations and give yourself the things that you deserve
  • If you are losing your identity and spark, then hold a minute and take a pause. Don’t let your lightness turn into melancholy
  • Don’t suppress your strength. Express yourself and be the one who you are
  • If you have taken yourself for granted and assumed that you are not a gifted child then you should change your perception. The time is now. Discover your talents and show the world you’re not weak anymore

Can Butterflies Symbolize Death

Yes, they do. Well, if you are now considering the color of the beautiful butterflies and wonder if seeing a black butterfly could mean something horrible like death then your thoughts are in the right direction. Black butterflies symbolize death. But. here, death comes in different forms which is rebirth and awakening.

This question has probably hit your mind several times so far, hasn’t it? Butterflies are your spiritual guide. They are spirit animals. Undoubtedly, they not only bring good changes but also embark as positive signs.


Change is something you can never ignore. It’s about your growth and positive changes. It’s the right time to make the right decisions and keep on doing a reality check to see how far you have come.

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