CBD dosage charts can sometimes get confusing, especially if it’s the first time you’re trying this out for your dogs, and because different types of brands and bottle sizes, may recommend different doses for each type of pet, be it, a dog or cat. If, however your new to this market and want to learn about all the CBD benefits, check out this source.

No need to worry about this, as this article covers this information to help ease you into giving your canine the right dose and making sure he is a happy pup.

First Things First

Diving right in without doing the homework is not recommended. When deciding what type of form to give them and how much of it to introduce, you may need to consider a few things that are just as similar as when we dose ourselves with medication.

For us, bigger people can handle a lot more substance then say smaller or thinner people. If you give a person with a smaller build the same dose you would to someone 5 times larger, you risk overdosing.

It is the same for our pets. Smaller ones won’t get the same dose as the bigger guys, however, they may get a similar amount depending on a few things such as Its bodyweight, its size, how old it is, and if you’re treating a certain condition or using it for recreational purposes to keep them healthy overall.

Thus, our word of caution is to make sure you know the above numbers before introducing it to them. The best and simplest way to dose any animal is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions that should either be on the packaging or their website. The next best thing to do is to calculate it yourself and then figure it out employing using a chart such as this one for instancehttps://www.holistapet.com/cbd-dosing-chart-for-pets/

General Rules AroundCBD Dosage for Dogs
General Rules AroundCBD Dosage for Dogs

The more precise the dose the better it will affect the canine, otherwise, you may just be overdosing him or under-dosing him.

General Rules and Bottle Sizes

The safest and most general recommendation is 0.2mg of CBD per pound, so depending on their weight you can do the calculation accordingly. Also, anything over 0.5mg is considered a strong dose. So, one needs to be careful, especially when using a tincture or oil, as it usually comes in a dropper and one dropper full could be anything from 0.25mg to 0.5mg or more.

When calculating the ideal dose for him or her, if say you’re giving it to them as a medicine to treat a condition, you will calculate the milligrams it needs based on its weight and then how much of the liquid to give it based on how many milligrams are in one dropper of tincture or oil.

Here are a few examples. When purchasing a bottle size of 75mg of CBD formula, it would typically have 2.5mg of the oil per ml in one dropper. However, if you invest in something bigger, like a 150 mg sized bottle it would have a 5mg dropper size or a 300 mg bottle size will commonly have a 10mg CBD dropper size per ml.

Another Thing to Keep in Mind

It is all well and good if you’re giving them the oil format. But what if he doesn’t like the oil and prefers something a bit more exciting like a CBD treat? Not to worry, because these too, have their doses. For the overall well-being of any animal starting with one a day for at least 3 weeks, then up it to 2 a day is recommended.

Some suppliers state that based on clinical trials, one would reach a ‘peak’ of when the product benefits the body the most, thereafter it stays like that at a steady pace for about 7 days, in some cases, unless it is taken frequently, and does not increase or decrease. Getting there, however, will take a lot of experimentation and some pet owners are not willing to do that and some pets won’t like the idea either.

In the end whatever product, you purchased, if it was from a high-standard company that ethically sources its CBD and has the best extraction methods to match, then you can’t go wrong with following their instructions and recommended doses. If all else fails seek advice online on forums of pet owners and of course speak to your veterinarian, maybe he or she is pro-CBD.


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