The Indian government has been urging people to make digital payments for many months now so this may seem like a good development for the supporters of digital payments: you may soon be able to use Google Assistant to make digital payments.

An APK teardown by the developers at XDA has revealed that the code of Google Assistant contains provisions that would allow applications to integrate with the interface to facilitate digital payments.

For example, if your credit card is associated with something like Home Assistant, you will be able to issue a command to purchase something while you are interacting with the device.

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If these provisions are activated you should be able to make digital payments directly to different merchants using Google Assistant.

As a cautionary measure, the update at XDA also says that the information revealed by the teardown doesn’t mean that a particular feature will be available in the upcoming release of the app.

For example, if Google Assistant contains code for making digital payments it doesn’t mean that the facility will be available in the next version of Google Assistant. It just means that the provision is there and someday they may implement such a feature, or any other feature.

Google Assistant right now works at a very basic level. There are many functions that are available in other such interfaces but are not available in Google Assistant. For example, you still cannot create to-do lists and maintain active schedules.

You can already make digital payments using the Alexa artificial intelligence interface that comes with Amazon’s Echo. But this is because fundamentally Amazon is an online retailer and it needs every opportunity to make sales.

So all the devices that people use should be able to buy stuff from Amazon. Through the Amazon account, people’s credit cards are already attached to their profiles and they can make 1-click digital payments using the Alexa interface.

Google might be planning to introduce the same sort of service in the official Google App for Android that may be available across applications. For example, you are chatting with someone on Allo and the other person suggests you should buy a particular piece of pottery.

As soon as that particular piece of pottery is mentioned, the service selling the pottery can immediately offer you to sell the piece of pottery and you should be able to make a digital payment using Google Assistant.

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