We all know that you love your cat. It has been with you for most of your life. Now, you are struggling to keep her close to you. It is evident for most cats that they are asking for new ways to express their feelings when being close to their masters.

That is why you need to know exactly how much pain they can bear. Most of the people think that cats are unbreakable. However, this is not correct since we have seen many cats suffering in the vet’s office due to falls and other serious accidents.

Have you ever imagined what pain could your favorite cat has when it falls from a higher point? Do you believe that such a hit could possibly ruin your relationship with your cat? Experts say that a cat would never be the same again with her master when she hits the floor with great power.

That is an article that gives you most of the answers you are looking for regarding your cats and the domestic accidents that occur to them. Stick here to read the rest and get some useful tips on how to protect your cats from such unprecedented events.

What is The Pain That Your Cat Can Get From a High Fall?

People always ask the experts how far can a cat fall safely only to receive the answer that it depends on the type of your cat and what she is used to doing in her life.

For instance, there are some cats who can jump from alley to alley without even suffering a single scar. At the same time, there are many other cats who cannot even go from a single point to another without hurting themselves.

For that reason, it would be useful to know what is the exact physiology of the cats that are residing with you. Many of them have flexible bones and cartilages so that they can have large forces suppressed on them. It has been a historic observation that cats can fall from heights that would be dangerous for any other species and still survive without serious wounds.

That is because a cat can always estimate the number of rounds she needs to take with its body so that it can land on its feet. That is why cats never fall with their spinal cord or pelvis and they put all the pressure on their four feet at the same time.

Not to mention, that the cartilage being close to the ligaments of their skeleton is specially designed to hold multiple tons of force through their weight.

What is the average rate of survival in cats that accidentally fall?

You need to know that your cat has the instinct of survival. A cat would never try to jump from a higher point if it is not necessary to do so because of the dangerous situation she is in.

For that reason, we have seen cats jumping from the fifth floor of an apartment building and still being able to walk right after they land. People in many countries have tried to estimate the exact percentage of cats that make it alive after such a tremendous and deadly jump.

Our readers would be amazed to know that cats can equally live when they jump from heights as far as 50 feet tall. They can also get away with some bruises and scars without suffering any pain at all.

Almost 90% of the cats that have a tremendous accident can survive and that is why these pets are amazing to observe and have at home.


Cats are people’s best friends right after their beloved dogs. However, if you want to have your cat ready to keep you company for a long time you need to preserve her from having high falls.

They say that each cat has seven lives that are perished anytime they are falling. Your task is to create a healthy environment for your cat and make sure she is never placed in a position where the high jump would seem inevitable for her.

All cats can have the curiosity to walk on your balcony but they will never try to deliberately fall by themselves. In the rare case, your cats suffer such an accident you need to call your vet immediately to ensure she is ok.


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